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Integrated management of time tracking, vacations and absences using a single tool.

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Gestion del tiempo

The best time tracking software designed for medium and large enterprises.

Its adaptability and ease of use allows companies with more than 50 employees to:

  • Keep daily control of hours worked, vacations and leaves for their entire workforce.
  • Generate legally valid reports whenever needed.
  • Do away with spreadsheets and paper usage.
  • Make better use of the entire team’s time with request flows and fast approvals.
  • Reduce HR Department operational costs involved with time tracking and absences.
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Meets your expectations and improves productivity

Software that gives the you peace of mind and trust that you’re looking for with features like:

  • Sending each employee their respective time records at the end of the month.
  • Assignment of types of extra hours and compensation rules.
  • Typification of extra hours, compensable hours, and extra holiday hours as per corporate policies.
  • Double record approval by employees and direct supervisors.
  • Viewing and downloading working time tracking reports with theoretical times, absences and actual times. (downloadable in .xml or .pdf).
  • Keep daily control of working times, vacations and leaves for the entire workforce.
  • Avoid fines of up to €187,515.
  • Generate legally valid reports anytime.
  • Send all employees their working time record at the end of the month as required by the law.
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Gestion del tiempo

An alternative to clocking in without the need for time clocks or other physical devices.

Track entries and exits in just a few seconds from anywhere with:

  • A cloud platform to record working time 100% online.
  • The possibility of clocking in using any device: mobile phones, tablets or computers.
  • Reminders and automatic warnings of completed or non-completed records.
  • Access and control by the direct supervisor over changes in working times, vacations or leaves which are reflected in the interface for the specific user.
  • Automated rotating shift interface according to roles or contracts.
  • Quick searches by employee or date ranges.
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Easily manage all types of absences or leaves knowing you have everything at the tip of your hand

An opportunity to professionalize how vacations and absences are managed by being able to easily:

  • Do a quick and clear review of business holiday calendars for a particular employee or the entire team.
  • Locate local and national holidays or relevant days for the team or company.
  • View dynamic new developments in the table: days pending, days available, days used and total days.
  • Give teams more autonomy in managing days off and leaves.
  • Avoid overlapping your team’s vacation times.
  • Include doctor’s notes, certificates and other required information.
  • Make comments justifying rejections of any requested days.
  • And many other features you can only find in our working time tracking software.

The most complete system for employee time management

Benefits of time tracking software in an organization

Benefits of time tracking software in an organization

Time tracking software bring numerous advantages to both enterprises and workers. If you are a business enterprise, tracking your employees working time allows you to detect their strengths and weaknesses in time management tasks. This, in turn, gives you the possibility to easily measure data, reduce the time you spend monitoring your employees, decrease employee absenteeism, and prevent timesheets frauds. You will also be able to:

Increase productivity: visualizing your employees’ and departments’ time-commitment is the first step you need to take to rapidly detect efficiency problems. This will help you to adopt the right solutions.

Expedite your decision-making process: time tracking software can generate updated reports that will help your managers to make the right decisions.

Achieve better employee supervision procedures, especially if you are a medium or large company.

Keep track of work hours: this constitutes an advantage per se. For example, you’ll be always aware of the cost of extra hours.

Prepare your company for labour inspections.

How time tracking software benefit workers

How time tracking software benefit workers

Clocking in and out offers benefits for the workers. Although at first it may be interpreted as an excessive form monitoring, time tracking has its advantages. The most significant one is that time tracking takes into account extra hours, excused absences and so on. On top of that, all types of preset working hours carry their corresponding remuneration. Furthermore, all processes comply with the existing law, thereby protecting the rights of workers for what concerns, for instance, work breaks, excused absences, etc.

Another interesting point is that by recording working hours you will promote workplace transparency and therefore improve your workers’ confidence. By becoming more aware of their working time, your employees will also become more productive. This will also help working-hours negotiations, as well as improve work-family balance since the company will have a better sense of its employees’ time management skills.

Time tracking while protecting privacy, a key issue

Time tracking while protecting privacy, a key issue

Although legislation varies from one country to another (recording the working hours of employees is not mandatory everywhere), it is imperative that all companies that track work hours do so guaranteeing their workers’ fundamental right to privacy in the workplace. This requires companies to set adequate access parameters and data storage protocols.

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