We work with companies with a high hiring volume. If that’s not your situation, we also have custom plans for you :)

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Our plans are designed to give you flexibility and adaptability based on your department’s structure.

The things we take into account when defining our prices:
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In addition to the standard features, we also have more advanced tools and third-party integrated services.

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How many users will work with Bizneo? Do you have external or “guest” users?

What you can get without any effect on the final price:

The amount of data to be stored:

We won’t charge you based on the volume of CVs or size of your database. Increase everything you need without any limitations!

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Your configuration needs

Our standard tools are already designed to be customized with hundreds of combinations applicable to your workflows. We’ll help you throughout this process at no cost so you can get the best performance out of our software.

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Customer support

You’ll have access to support through chats, email and by phone so you can get the answers to all your questions anytime while working with us.

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I currently work with another ATS. Can you import my data?
Of course! We’re used to importing from other ATS providers as well as our other systems.
How much time does it take to implement Bizneo HR?
The average time it takes to implement Bizneo HR is 2-4 weeks. But, that depends on whether any additional developments, third-party integrations, data imports, etc. are needed. And, of course, how fast your team completes our consultants’ tasks and training.
What would happen if I decide not to keep working with you?
Well, we’ll be sad, but your data are yours and only yours and we’ll give you the file with all the information you have in your database.
I’ve got other questions that haven’t been answered here
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