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Great companies of all sizes use our software to manage their people.


Digital employee schedule planning

Toss out the cork board and delete your Excel sheets. With our employee scheduling software, you can coordinate your employee schedules from anywhere, supervise their work hours and notify them of any changes instantly.

  • Compare contracted and delivered working hours
  • Assign schedules quickly by position or department
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Create shifts automatically!

Save your HR team hundreds of hours of admin work. Simply assign schedules to every team with our shift scheduler.

  • Send every employee their work schedule to their cell in a matter of moments.
  • Create shift templates to simplify the scheduling process.
  • Assign and edit shifts for groups of employees with a few clicks.


Protect yourself from employee claims

Make sure you comply with labor laws and legal working hours with our legally valid time logs.

  • Secure digital shifts and working hours
  • One-click reports and audits
  • Registry of shift history for use in legal proceedings and employee claims


A shift scheduling app for greater work schedule transparency

Cut down on misunderstandings and errors with our shift scheduling program. You’ll all know exactly who’s supposed to be working when.

  • Instant mobile notifications of shift changes
  • Sync with time tracking and leave planning
  • Shift schedule available to all 24/7
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Optimizes the management of vacations, time tracker and employee scheduling of your workers in one place.

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