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Forget about Excel and professionalize vacation and absence tracking

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Vacaciones y ausencias

Manage all types of absences knowing you have everything at the tip of your hand

The vacation and absence tracking software allows you to:

  • Quickly and clearly review business holiday calendars.
  • Stay up-to-date on any new matters relating to the entire workforce’s or a particular employee’s vacation time.
  • Do away with those spreadsheets, emails and paper mailings.
  • Give teams more autonomy in managing days off and leaves.
  • Reduce HR Department operational processes.
  • Avoid overlapping vacations.
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Easy-to-use, flexible and very powerful

The vacation and absence tracking software is perfect for simplifying communication between:

  • Teams
  • Managers
  • HR
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Vacaciones y ausencias

An easy-to-understand calendar that’s easy for everyone to use

With your own calendar, you’ll be able to:

  • Request vacations and leaves from a centralized environment.
  • Include doctor’s notes, certificates and other required information.
  • Easily locate dynamic new developments in the table: days pending, days available, days used and total days.
  • See the vacation time requested by your co-workers to prevent overlapping.
  • Reduce response times with notification panels.
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Features and benefits for managers

With this took, they’ll be able to:

  • Have a summary of requests from everyone on their team on hand.
  • Add extra or compensation days to people under their supervision for the current or following year.
  • Make comments justifying rejections of any requested days.
  • Find specific new developments with search filters.
Vacaciones y ausencias

Find out how to save time for the HR team

Tool administrators may:

  • Configure general or specific criteria for days available as per the roles or profile types.
  • Indicate the types of absences that can be managed in each calendar: vacations, wedding leaves, sick leaves, holidays and more.
  • Define the vacation day format: calendar or working days.
  • Establish the general or specific flow of approval for each type of position.
  • Track specific local, regional and national holidays and celebrations.
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