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Generate automatic organization charts and understand your organization at a glance

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Guarantee natural growth in accordance with the business strategy

With a simple yet high-impact tool that will allow you to:

  • Better size your organization.
  • Better structure the division of duties in your different departments.
  • Reduce the risk of duplicities.
  • Help your managers manage their workloads and the groups they supervise.
  • Make decisions faster based on how each organizational unit has done their job.
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Features to create an organization chart effortlessly

  • Drag and drop design tool.
  • Automatic maintenance.
  • Scalability for organization charts for thousands of employees.
  • Search with automatic drop down menus.
  • Mass modifications with just a few clicks.
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Increase your team’s commitment with transparency and a global vision

Allowing each member of the organization to view the structure helps:

  • Accelerate onboarding for new employees by showing them the relevance of their position and work team.
  • Foster a global vision of the organization’s structure, the paths to promotion and internal mobility.
  • Makes it easier for people in different departments to identify each other and connect.
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