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Use the most effective forms for your team’s performance and skill appraisals

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Foster a participatory culture that drives business growth

With an appraisals tool that helps you:

  • Source key talent for your organization.
  • Prepare for the future by developing reliable career and data success plans.
  • Reduce uncertainty and improve motivation_ clear expectations and clear goals.
  • Identify learning needs, areas for improvement.
  • Reduce the risk of unconscious biases.
  • Offer effective and documented feedback.
  • Foster your corporate values.
  • Change management: Is your workforce ready for the next step?.
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Monitor the goals without additional workloads for managers and the HR team.


Quick appraisal assignment

Send customized appraisals based on job profiles or skills with just a click.


Any appraisal model

Define who appraises who and create your appraisal model: 360º, top-down, etc.


Various response formats

Set the parameters for answers with different scoring scales and overall relevance.

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Quick segmentations

Create audiences based on the profile type, geographic location or other attributes you define.

Login key


Control who can see certain appraisals.

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Notifications and reminders

Send tracking notifications and/or reminders individually or to entire audiences.

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