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Get the best out of your team with data-driven performance appraisals.

Performance appraisal

Great companies of all sizes use our software to manage their people.

Competency-based performance management

Build your own competency-based evaluations with performance management software that adapts effortlessly to your needs.

  • Job Design

  • Competency Framework

  • Performance Indicators

  • Competency Profiles

Competency-based performance management system


Create your ideal performance appraisal system.

You set the rules. Our performance management software will easily adapt to your unique evaluation model.

  • Measure performance by whichever metric you prefer - goals, competencies, or OKRs

  • Total flexibility - 360º feedback, 180º evaluations, self-assessment, one-to-ones

  • Need more options? No problem - you can set weighted ratings,anonymize reviews, add in a personalized rating scale, and much more.

  • Too much choice? Not sure what would best suit your needs? Our team of consultants will be on call to keep things simple for you.

360 degree performance appraisals


Spot competency gaps and create targeted action plans.

Drive employee performance and demonstrate the ROI of your competency-based management strategy.

  • Learning and development management: create learning pathways based on competency gap analysis

  • Recruitment: Harness analytics to optimize your competency-based interviews

  • Working Environment: Design workplace surveys to pinpoint target competency development needs

  • And so much more - compensation, talent development, succession planning, knowledge management

Performance management software


Boost performance with strategic objectives

Develop SMART goals for your employees and align each department with your company’s key strategic objectives.

Track your teams’ performance and identify opportunities to drive progress towards critical business goals.

Goal Management


Transform employee performance with KPIs

  • Individual employee performance reports
  • Global reporting on competency gaps and development needs
  • Competency gap analytics for every role
  • Department performance reports
Performance reports


Improve your performance evaluations with a talent management matrix

Develop talent matrices to identify, classify, compare, measure and improve your employees’ performance and potential.

  • 9-box matrix
  • Potential and performance assessment
  • Customized segments and colors
Matriz talento humano (9 box)

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