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Find and cultivate the human talent that will make your company grow using the best talent management software.

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Talent Management

With Bizneo HR’s talent management modular solutions, you can wisely invest in hiring and developing your employees and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Talent management is more effective when you have tools that allow you to focus on strategic tasks... Bizneo HR offers a customized human resources software to meet your company’s needs and help your professionals be the best they can be.

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Reclutamiento y seleccion

Recruiting Software (ATS)

Success begins by selecting professionals who are just right for your company. Get that competitive edge in your sector by attracting and identifying the best talent. Build large teams using Bizneo ATS.

Use the leading Recruiting software in Spain to reach more channels and get the flexibility you want in your recruiting process.

Reach more than 50 automated recruitment sources and monitor the entire process with a human resources software that does everything from publishing job offers to hiring. Don’t lose a bit of data. Create talent databases so that your future processes will be faster and more efficient. Tag, comment and promote collaborative work among recruiters.

Build up your employer branding and attract the best talent with a simple and pleasant applicant experience.

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Performance appraisal software

Use advanced tools to measure your colleagues’ performance and unleash all their potential.

Procure a comprehensive bias-free goal-based or skills-based appraisal system which is standardized throughout your organization. Set up forms and strategies and let our performance appraisal software do all the rest.

Make it easy for your employees and managers thanks to our automatic notification and reminder systems and to our easy-to-complete automatic system. Simply design your appraisal form, adjust the settings and run it without any further workload for your HR manager.

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Learning Management Software (LMS)

Develop skills and enhance the entire organization’s competitiveness. Easy, fast and integrated with your entire Human Resources suite.

Promote your entire workforce’s career development with training activities adapted to their needs by using a learning management software (LMS) that allows you to create, organize and track a complete list of courses.

Design career plans for key profiles with customized learning management and attendance tracking systems. And it all comes without any further workload for your Human Resources department thanks to a flexible system of requests and approvals.

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