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Core HR

Turn personnel management into the cornerstone of your company’s competitiveness with Core HR tools.

Make day-to-day business management easier for teams and managers with fast and intuitive tools that offer precise information on the entire workforce whenever it’s needed.

Streamline business document management and make it easy to keep everything up-to-date.

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Employee and Manager Portal

The Employee and Manager Portal is a platform designed to make work easier for HR managers.

With an employee portal, communication between your employees and the HR department becomes more direct and transparent: each employee can request holidays, update their information, answer surveys, etc. while the team’s manager can use the manager portal to easily approve requests, assess the team and monitor learning plans.

Find out about the Employee and Manager Portals
Employee and Manager Portal

Organization Chart

With the organization chart generation software, you’ll be able to take the first step towards strengthening your company’s organizational structure.

In just a quick glance, any member of the team may identify the structure of the entire organization and the individual responsibilities assigned to each professional.

It allows all levels of management to design the ideal strategies which are organized based on all employees’ responsibilities and workload.

In short, organization charts are tools that allow the Human Resources team to be the architect of your organization by identifying all active professionals and their current responsibilities and most effectively organizing all the work.

Create your human resources organization chart
Organization Chart
Gestion documental

Document Management (DMS)

Secure your company’s know how with Document Management (DMS) software.

An intuitive interface makes it possible to organize all the necessary information or documentation for your employees: procedural manuals, health & safety, etc. With this tool, all the information can be accessed and used effectively to save resources and time.

And all of this is done by always guaranteeing full information security, storage and access based on the current GDPR regulations.

Professionalize document management
Document Management (DMS)
Personas y organizacion

People and Organization

Our people and organization software is the evolution of those obsolete spreadsheets that many companies still use to store all their personnel’s data.

With this tool, you can organize all your employees’ information digitally with secure, continuous, fast and intuitive access.

People and organization allows you to store and quickly find relevant information for your daily management tasks with customized fields and filters. And all of this is done while ensuring your workforce’s data protection rights and complying with GDPR.

With this personnel management platform, you’ll have all the information on hand regardless of the size of your company and you’ll be able to control access to the information, establish settings for work flows and maintain complete traceability of all changes.

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People and Organization